Video Testimonial = Free eBook!

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To get the word out about my Book and newly released eBook, I have an amazing offer for you! In exchange for a Video Testimonial from you, I will give you a FREE eBook!

I don’t believe in canned or fake testimonials, so you will need to get the eBook first and read it through so you can give an honest testimonial.

Below are the requirements to count as a Video Testimonial:

  1. It must feature you talking! Pretty obvious but I want to stress that you must be shown in the video, not just a screen shot of something with your voice.
  2. If you would like to include any pictures of the Book or eBook, the only ones allowed are the outside of the actual book or the Cover Shot located >> here <<.
  3. No reading of the book on Video Testimonial past the first 3 pages.
  4. Must mention your name (first name only is fine), name of the Series (Adventures Of Sammy), name of the Book/eBook (Sending You Sammy) and name of the website (
  5. Optionally you may wish to mention the Fun & Games Newsletter for BananaBoy located at
  6. Length of the Video Testimonial must be between 30 seconds & 10 minutes.
  7. Allow us to feature your Video Testimonial on our websites as well as video sharing websites like YouTube.
  8. Video Testimonial from your kids are welcome.
  9. File format must be one of the following formats: avi, wmv, mov, mpg, mp4, flv or m4v
  10. Picture quality needs to be clear.

So that isn’t to hard. Most are common sense stuff but I had to mention it anyway.

Now on to the details of how you actually get your free eBook:

  1. Click on the Buy Now Button at the bottom of this page and complete your payment via PayPal for $4.97 CAD.
  2. You will be directed on where to download and register your eBook.
  3. After you have read the eBook, create your Video Testimonial according to the requirements above. Make sure to name it {Your Name}-{Video Name}.{File Extension} For example: SarahButland-VideoTestimonial.wmv
  4. Upload your Video Testimonial to us at: (Please be patient as your video may be very large and could take some time to upload.)
  5. Send me an email when you video is done uploading at with the name of your video.
  6. Once I have verified your video, I will give you a 100% refund of your $4.97 CAD purchase. This means you end up with a Free eBook for your Video Testimonial which is the reason you have been reading all of this!

Sending You Sammy

Sending You Sammy
$4.97 CAD
Instant Download

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Thank you,
Sarah Butland
PO Box 25100
Moncton, New Brunswick
E1C 9M9
506-854-0330 Phone
506-384-3030 Fax Email

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