Picky Eaters Shouldn’t be Tricky

Some parents struggle with improving their children’s health but it’s easier than most of us think.

I, too, was a very selective eater but eating vegetables and fruits was always encouraged. Hot dogs were never on my menu but cereal and bed lunch was and, not that I’m older, wiser and with child myself, I realize how easy it is not to have these either.

My four year old never really heard of having a snack before bed until recently. If he was hungry before going to bed we’d feed him but his selection was limited – yogurt, a piece of fruit or nothing. He’d never go to bed hungry even though what he really wanted was some crackers or cereal and this made him appreciate healthy choices even more. It would also be the test to determine if he was really hungry or just trying to stay awake a few minutes more.

You buy the groceries for your house so what goes in the cart and on your shelves is up to you. When you’re making the list, ask your kids for suggestions and explain why you’ll add them or not. Give them the power to choose what’s for dinner or to pack in their lunch and you’ll notice they’ll be happy choosing items that you have in the house.

Be sure to always have different fruits and vegetables to try, not always their favourites.

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Sarah Butland

Food Revolution Atlantic

Chef Jamie Oliver made progress in his home country of England with having schools and families switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Then he came to America and produced an amazingly informative show titled Food Revolution and took the country, and in turn Canada, by storm. As we watch a lot of American tv and so are impacted by the scenes of kids not recognizing common vegetables, the speeches about hair being in cookie dough and the disgusting attitude from the cafeteria workers in charge of handing out food but the presence ended there.

Until now…

With the first Food Revolution Day coming up on May 19, 2012 I have decided it’s time for Canadians to meet their own hero and, in our case, he’s from and living in Canada and loving it. He’s also loving eating right, exercising often and sharing his adventures and success with everyone – especially children.

So as Food Revolution Day approaching it’s no wonder BananaBoy is wiggling in his peeling, trying to get out and fulfill the need.

So come on over, share your thoughts and support the Canadian movement today!

Let’s make this powerful!

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Sarah Butland

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver, world famous chef, has come to America to start his own Food Revolution. Already proving his success in England, Jamie Oliver is making the world a healthier place one school, one family, one meal at a time.

Have you seen the show? It had Jamie Oliver going to Huntington, West Virginia to visit with an elementary school and cooking them food. He taught them new things like identifying vegetables properly and how delicious eating healthy foods can be.

Even though the television show is over the Food Revolution is just getting started. I know I’m inspired to eat healthier and put more momentum into my food revolution. Check it out:

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Sarah Butland

PS: Don’t forget to sign the petition to get your children eating the right ingredients at school.