Food Revolution With The Eating Game

Food Revolution Atlantic and The Eating Game have joined forces and want to reward you!

Have a picky eater at home?

This program was designed to help parents of Autistic children make meal time fun instead of a battle but it’s useful for all. Let your children choose what is for breakfast, snack, lunch and supper to be sure they enjoy and it eat.

You still have control to ensure they are getting what makes them healthy but you are giving some over to make it a team effort instead of a war.

Be sure to visit Food Revolution Atlantic’s Facebook group before this Friday – Food Revolution Day – for your chance to win your own copy!

Thanks for entering, reading and Good Luck!

Sarah Butland

Meet Holistic Lifestyle Coach Anik Gallant!

5 easy habits that will instantly boost your energy!

The following are some of my favorite health tips that I share with my clients. You can follow them without changing your current eating habits. By simply adding the following steps into your day, you will greatly improve your level of energy and feel great.

1) Warm lemon water. As soon as you wake up in the morning, add 1-2 slices of fresh organic lemon to 1 cup of warm water and sip while you get ready for your day. Lemon helps kickstart your digestion for the day and brings your body into a more alkaline state. Doing this every morning gently detoxes your liver and will help with weight loss.

2) Green smoothie. Before you eat your breakfast (and after your lemon water), start your day with a Green Beauty Smoothie. Packed with fruits and veggies, this alone can fill you up. If not, just eat what you normally would for breakfast in addition to the smoothie. The Green Beauty Smoothie is packed with nutrients ready for quick absorption and is sure to give you energy.

Green Beauty Smoothie

3 cup water

1 ripe banana

4 dates, pitted

1/2 cucumber, with peel

2 stalks celery

1 apple, with peel

1/2 organic lemon, with peel

1 big handful of leafy greens (such as kale, spinach or romaine)

1/2 scoop super green powder (such as spirulina or chlorella)

*Place ingredients into blender, blend and enjoy! Makes 2 large servings.

3) Daily salad. Eat a large salad 5 days a week. Get creative and make your salad appetizing to you! Load it with your favorite veggies, sprinkle some hemp seeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds or dried cranberries. Try and keep your dressing options simple (homemade is always better than store bought). I personally like a blend of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, a dash of maple syrup, salt, and pepper. Finally, add a healthy side of protein to your salad, such as lentils, beans, chicken, eggs, tuna or beef.

4) Snack smart. Between meals, try not to snack. Ideally you want to give your digestion time to process all the food from your previous meal before eating something. If you do feel hungry and choose to snack, here are some good options:

  • A fruit smoothie. Fruits made into liquids are quickly digested and provide you with immediate fuel. Make with almond milk instead of juice to help balance blood sugar.
  • Eat an apple with a handful of organic almonds.
  • Cut up some carrots, peppers or cucumber and eat with hummus, bean dip or salsa.

Choosing healthy snacks will fill you up until your next meal and are light enough to keep your energy levels steady during your day. Remember to avoid munching on simple carbohydrates like cookies, chips or crackers which can make your blood sugar levels drop and make you feel tired.

5) No eating after 6:30pm. A healthy body starts with a healthy digestion. Our bodies heal and repair during our sleep time therefore it’s important that by bedtime your stomach is empty with no more food to digest. If you have food in your stomach when you go to bed, your body has to work overtime to digest instead of healing and repairing. The result: waking up groggy and tired. To help reduce cravings and munchies attacks, sip on some room temperature water or herbal teas throughout the evening.

A New Brunswick Resident

A New Brunswick Resident

Anik Gallant is a holistic lifestyle coach and creator of, a food and lifestyle blog where she publishes healthy and delicious gluten-free recipes. She’s passionate about inspiring healthy living in others and loves sharing useful tips for everything related to food, health, yoga, and living an amazing life. Connect with her or sign up to receive your free copy of her recipe e-book every month.

Let’s Celebrate Food!

My Lil' Chef

My Lil’ Chef

May 15, 2015 will be Food Revolution Day but I want to celebrate all month. With posts and giveaways, photos and videos, and an invite to you to come on over and tell me what you’re eating this month.

Jamie Oliver has started a revolution, one that shouldn’t have been needed but we made it something that is desperately vital. He wants healthy foods in schools. Easy, right? Not so much but it can be.

Your kids go to school, let them eat actual food!

Schools should be teaching about fruits, vegetables, the process of planting and growing our own food. Cafeterias should be accessing a community or school garden to fill the plates of our children yet we’ve been letting other businesses profit from our kids!

Businesses of owners who would cringe at the idea of their own kids eating what is being served so let’s make a change.

Food Revolution Ambassador’s Are Here!

I’ve connected with other like-minded individuals this month who, though they may not have the official title, are working to improve what we all eat and are here to talk about it. Please make these awesome people feel welcome and eat up!

And please also sign Jamie Oliver’s petition on his site to be a part of the change!

Thank you for reading and following along. Let’s make a difference today.

Sarah Butland

New Glasgow, NS Food Revolution Ambassador