Have a Child? Raise a Reader!

No matter how young or old your child is or children are, it’s important and easy to instill the skill of literacy into their repertoire. There are five simple tasks that I encourage you to merge into your every day life that will guarantee your child’s success.

The number one and most important is to read yourself. Whether it’s the daily newspaper, a good mystery or a text book – reading is contagious and will be something your children will do simply to be just like you. At young ages people learn through mimicking so why not have them mimic something that will last a lifetime? Take an hour out of your TV watching tonight, every night, and pick up something to read; out loud or to yourself reading will change your life.

A few other things in combination would be a matter of paying a regular visit to your local library. Take a bus, drive yourself, encourage your neighbours and carpool, however you need to get there please do. While there you’ll be able to get your child his/her own library card, have access to thousands if not hundreds of thousands of books at no cost and then you can keep up on their events. Who knows when you’ll be able to meet your child’s favourite author or play a game that will be so fun you and your kids will want to pass it on to everyone you know.

And last, but certainly not least, start reading out loud to your child as soon as you can. Don’t dwell on the years lost but savour the days you have now when you can sit and read together.

Simple, right? Absolutely and not out of any one’s budget. So why aren’t you doing it? I am!

Meet Me Tomorrow at Cover to Cover Books

Tomorrow is December 6th and I’ll be at Cover to Cover Books to meet you and if you want to hear me read Sending You Sammy be sure to be there at 1100 AM.  Tell you parents, tell your friends, tell everyone – I am. 🙂

Meet Me At Cover to Cover Books in Riverview, NB

Are you going to be in the Greater Moncton Area on September 20th?  If so, please come to visit me at Cover to Cover Books in Riverview between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM and get your book signed, talk to me, pick up a free bookmark, donate to the Literacy Coalition of NB AND put your name in for a free Adventures Of Sammy poster.

Don’t miss out!