Meet D.H. Gibbs!

It has been a long time since I’ve posted and I wish I had a better reason than I do but I’m back at it and would love to introduce you to a fellow children’s book author – D.H. Gibbs. Let’s celebrate her newest book – Don’t Go Mango Picking – and show her a great welcome by sharing and commenting.

1) How do you prefer to write- pen to paper or computer?
I prefer to write on paper. Something about scrawling all my thoughts across that white sheet of paper helps my creativity. Also it helps to increase my word count as I am always in transit.

2) What do you find different about writing children’s books versus young adult?
The most difficult thing about writing for children is remembering that this is a younger audience. Their attention span is shorter so everything has to be simplified to hold their attention.

3) You share on your site that you are honing your graphic design skills – do you create your covers, too? And do you offer your services to other authors for their covers?
Yes I do create my covers as well as illustrate my children’s books. I have never offered my services to other authors because I’ve never been asked. I suppose if someone wanted me too we could work something out.

4) You’re an explorer- where is your favourite and where do you want to go and haven’t yet?
I don’t think I have a favorite just yet. There are so many place and countries I want to visit that I can’t keep track. But for sure I want to go to Italy and see the Sistine Chapel, France and of course Amsterdam.

5) Has your family always been supportive of your writing goals?
Yes they have been. They try to help me out in whatever way they can.

6) Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
I have the most cliché advise, but it’s cliché for a reason. Never give up. Keep trying and learning about your craft. Indie authors are the most welcoming group out there and they are a great support system for your writing. You can do it if you want to.

7) You’ve written poems for ages 0-3 in your book Danny the Firefly – tell us what inspired that book? Danny was inspired at a time when I was now venturing into officially publishing my books. Many of my friends were having children and read to them before bed. As I result I wanted something short and exciting they could use as a bonding moment with their children.

8) Who is your favourite author and what is your favourite book?
Harper Lee and To Kill A Mocking Bird

9) Do you remember the first book you cherished as a child?
The first book I cherished was given to me as a gift. It was a huge hard cover book, I could not hold it in my lap. I had to sit on the floor with it to read. I think it was either Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty was the story.

10) Tell us about your writing routine – what keeps you motivated and are you an early writer?
My routine is spotty at best. LOL. But I am an early writer, I try to squeeze in writing whenever and wherever I can. For me, writing motivation comes from reading and sometimes the stories themselves because I think by they stalk me. When I a story has me in its grip I can’t help but write it.

Kids Can Sing N Sweep!

Children everywhere have a tendency to sing during all activities. And they love to be stars, gaining the love and attention of their parents and loved ones.

Microphones are imagined from brooms, phones, spoons and kids dance around the room loving life and their own voices. This fun activity – the dancing and sweeping – starts a habit of being physically healthy and a great emotional well being.

I talk a lot about books and food here, both are staples in everyone’s well-being and so is physical activity and imaginative play. A New Brunswick resident created a product that celebrates both and called it Sweep N Sing and he needs your support.

Trent Washburn, the creator of this outstanding toy, wants to send you one of the first Sweep N Sing’s for your kids to enjoy. You can be a part of this by donating even just $1.00 today through his kickstarter program. I encourage you to do so today.

I can totally see Sammy cleaning up his house while having fun and singing his favourite song – what about you?

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

Total Wellness Summit

There is so much information available to improve our health and a lot of is for free! Taking advantage of what people are offering is one way to shift your perspective and improve your total well-being.

The Total Wellness Summit put on through the Food Network is just one of them. I’m learning so much from their free videos and it puts me in the right frame of mind to open up to healthier ways of living.

So many people say it’s too expensive to eat or be healthy – gym memberships cost too much, vegetable prices are unreasonable and junk is just so cheap but at what cost? Long term wise, it’s easy to understand why more and more people are starting to invest in themselves and their family to improve their total outlook in life. FoodMatters, the website which hosts this summit, offers a lot of advice and information that will motivate you to make a healthier meal everyday of the week!

It’s easy to feel better and still be able to afford an occasional treat. I challenge you to research how to make your favourite meal even healthier today!

Thanks for reading and trying,

Sarah Butland

Eat Like a Blue Jay?

Promotions are everywhere in Canada showing food sponsored by the Toronto Blue Jays and, though I’m a fan of the Jays, I am not a fan of the message.

My six year old son is addicted to baseball in the summer, primarily watching the Blue Jays win their way to the top of the league. When he goes grocery shopping with me and sees their well recognized logo on hot dogs, chips and even beer now (though he’s not in that store I know he would love the cans) he immediately wants the product. A lot of the times he’s trying to sneak it into the cart without even knowing what’s in the package, for him it’s all about that logo on the package.

Once I remove it from the cart and explain what it is he’s ok with leaving it behind because he has been raised to understand health from illness.

Together we watched a documentary titled Kids Menu so that another educator could reiterate what we’ve been teaching him with more lessons and in a way he was eager to learn from.

With all of the new connections I was just introduced to 80 Twenty Nutrition and was delighted to find a recipe our whole family will enjoy called PBJ (Peanut Butter Blue Jays) Rally Shake. I invite you to try the recipe as well as read the entire article posted on the page and support the Toronto Blue Jays this season!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

author of Sending You Sammy

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It Has Been Awhile But I’m Back!

I’ve been busy watching lots of food documentaries and connecting with so many wonderful people who are passionate about healthy food! The latest one I’ve watched is Fed Up and it’s obvious, people are determined to make a change.

See a clip of it here:

Like many of the others movies available, it had a tremendous impact on me as I’m once again appreciating salads and vegetables a whole lot more. Fruit smoothies, always delicious, are now even more scrumptious knowing how they are rewarding my body with nutrients.

And with going back to school on the horizon for most of us, the dreaded conversation of lunches comes up but there’s no need to panic. Quite the opposite of panic, in fact, as we can enjoy the challenge of embracing our imagination and good health. Filling lunch bags with healthy versions of our kids favourites and introducing them to new ones!

With Super Healthy Kids you can find loads of resources, recipes and so much more! Check out some new snack ideas like No-Bake Carrot Cake Bites by visiting their site and let me know what you, and your kids, think when you make them!

Thanks for reading and eating healthy foods!

author of Sending You Sammy

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