In The Press

Visit Good News For a Change to see my submission about the Adventures Of Sammy.  It’s a great website for anyone anywhere to learn what others are doing to be healthy.

Host James Evans featured myself and Sending You Sammy on Monday, June 30 between 1530 and 1800 on CBC’s Radio Program Shift.

Adventures Of Sammy has made another online appearance on Free Press Release and is creating major headlines everywhere.

Sending You Sammy and the Adventures of Sammy made it in Moncton This Week which is a publication of Brunswick News. Even if you’re not in Moncton you can visit CanadaEast and read all about it.

Remember: always be healthy and happy and the world will reward you.

I was honoured to be featured on Today’s Author hosted by David K. Ewen, M.Ed. on BlogTalkRadio . It was a great first time experience for me to be on a radio show for Sending You Sammy and I know it won’t be the last show for the Adventures Of Sammy series. Listen to it when you have 15 minutes to spare.

Featured on Author’s Den , Sending You Sammy is making headlines in all different ways. These websites are a great resource for new author’s and I’ll definitely be back for the next installment of Adventures Of Sammy.

Get a free glimpse of Sending You Sammy on YouTube !!

The April 2008 issue of Canadian Living featured Sending You Sammy on page 65 quoting myself as saying "I wanted to do something about the obesity problem in this province".  This gave the book and series huge exposure in my country and I will forever be grateful to them for it.

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