About the Adventures Of Sammy

Sending You Sammy is the first installment of the wonderful series called Adventures Of Sammy which is meant to solve the increasing issue of obesity. With one book at a time I know the Adventures Of Sammy book series will not only be one of your favourites on the shelf but a bed time story that will make dreams sweet without the sugar.

This is an inspiring, habit changing, altogether educational read without boring or lecturing the reader and Sammy just keeps growing and growing alongside your child. Read on to see how!

Pretty soon even you will be putting down the chocolate, chips and ice-cream, curling up on the couch or bed and diving into Sammy’s world and the newest adventures of BananaBoy! Who knows what this amazing boy will teach and learn next or what you’ll learn from the book and from your children.

Basic nutrition in an inspiring and interesting way kids will actually respond to. For a bed time story you’ll be amazed with the choices your kids will make for breakfast so make sure you’re prepared and eat up!

With the launch of the series came the BananaBoyFans debut at www.BananaBoyFans.com where children, and adults alike, can sign up for newsletters that contain activities, healthy recipes, and so much more. Not only does the newsletter excite your children and have them checking their email regularly but it inspires them to read, play and visit you in the kitchen to make delicious healthy meals.

Sending You Sammy will soon be followed by a second installment and with your support kids will finally find out what BananaBoy’s next task will be.

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