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Born in 1982 in Ontario and now living in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada, Sarah Butland has tasted the waters of almost every form of writing. Sarah has had several previous pieces published in her local newspaper including fiction, poetry and non-fiction as well as had a poem published in an anthology. These works include "Electric Shock", "Wrong Shell" and "The Wolf Not Only Blew the Straw House Down". Her most current work is Sending You Sammy which is a children’s book which encourages its readers to eat healthy foods and live active lives.

After reading articles upon articles on how drastically childhood obesity and literacy rates in New Brunswick have dropped and not many articles on what the public is doing to solve these issues, Butland has decided to take matters into her own hands using the tools she has. Sending You Sammy is the first of the Adventures of Sammy series which has its readers wanting more – more books, more fruit, and more activity.

Continuing with the Adventures of Sammy series, Butland will soon be releasing the long awaited second book, BananaBoy Joins the Circus (working title). This installment will answer the question of what BananaBoy will do with strength while setting up his audience for success by teaching them healthy alternatives to junk food.

Living most of her life thus far in rural Nova Scotia and being brought up alongside foster siblings from various backgrounds, Sarah is adaptable to practically any audience. Currently working full time in the customer service industry as a personal banker with RBC, Sarah has only taken her hectic schedule as a challenge and always tackles challenges with eyes wide open.

Sarah has been honoured to participate in the local Writers in the Schools Program and enjoy adapting to whatever the children may throw at her.

Never too far from a pencil and paper, Sarah Butland plans to always have writing play a big part in her life and will be using it for good with every story she writes.  Currently she is having a collection of short stories being edited which will hit the online bookstores soon.

A true believer in the Law of Attraction/ The Secret Sarah knows that whatever is around the corner for her and her audience will be amazing.

Most recently Sarah has been accepted as a Food Revolution volunteer for New Glasgow, NS to volunteer for the Food Revolution. She gives her spare time for free to further the mission of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. The Food Revolution has selected a number of volunteers from around the world who showed a deep commitment to real food and Sarah is thrilled to be one of them.

Sarah Butland
PO Box 25100 Moncton, NB E1C 9M9

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