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Meet Superhero and Author Lee Marsh

Like BananaBoy, Lee Marsh is a special kind of superhero I was happy to connect with. She is a wonderful person and author but her superhero status tripled with me when I discovered she’s donating some of her sales from the book The Magic Within – Deception to very worthy causes.

Read on to see where she lives, how she was inspired and where she gives back.

Q1) Do you believe in magic? How have you seen signs of it in your own life?

  1. Yes, I do believe in magic. But then it all depends on how you define magic. It’s everywhere if you take the time to find it. As Roald Dahl once said, ‘Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.’ It’s everywhere, the flowers and plants that grow from very small seeds, seeing through a child’s eyes etc. Mind you, having a magic wand to twirl around to do the housework etc, would come in very handy.

Q2) THE MAGIC WITHIN: DECEPTION is about a young girl who has moved in with her grandmother. Did you have a close connection and/or live with your grandmother at a young age?


  1. No, I didn’t have a close connection with either of my grandmothers, they died when I was very young. One grandmother I remember, on my mother’s side, was lovely, kind, tall, and I remember her wearing long skirts, but she died when I was very young, so unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to really to know her. The other grandmother was the complete opposite. Very strict, tubby although short, and quite frightening. So, I suppose Grandma Megan in the stories The Magic Within are loosely based on my first grandmother.


Q3) You co-wrote Mirimuss The Forgetful Wizard with your husband – was this easy to do? What did you struggle with the most?


  1. Richard, my husband, thought up the idea and jotted down the basics of the story. Then I just filled in the rest and the story was born. There wasn’t any struggle of sorts. Once we got going it just sort of flowed.

Q4) The Magic Within is a series, can you tell us if you always planned it that way or was the second and third book a surprise to even you?


  1. My good friend Lorraine persuaded me to write a children’s story. It was only meant to be one small book, but once I got started it took over. There were so many ideas tumbling out of the end of my pen to put it all into one book, so I decided to make it a trilogy. I usually write in longhand first and then transfer it to my laptop. Yes, it was a big surprise, and I still can’t quite believe three books have emerged from a small idea. But there are still so many adventures they are getting up to, so I will probably write more tales of Rosie, Grandma Megan, and Wolfric the wood elf, in the future.


Q5) You say this fantasy trilogy is based in magical East Sussex, what do you find most magical about your hometown and have you always lived there?


  1. I was born and raised in East Sussex and have lived here most of my life. After we were married, my husband and I moved to Southern Ireland for a couple of years and enjoyed our time there. It’s a lovely place, but I was very homesick so we came back to East Sussex. Richard was born and raised in West Sussex so he was quite happy to do so.

We have everything here. The beautiful south downs on one side where we can go for long walks, with forests, woods, wildlife and farmland together with farm animals. I love seeing the new born lambs, foals and calves in the spring.

Also, we are only about five miles from the sea, so we have a pier, beautiful flower gardens, theatres, and everything else in a bustling town.


Q6) What do you hope your readers get from these stories?

  1. I like to write family friendly stories, so I tend to write similar tales along the lines of those I loved to read when I was young. My sister always received dolls for birthdays or Christmas and I received books. I wasn’t at all upset by this and could lose myself in adventures for hours.

I hope my readers enjoy the adventures the characters get up to. There is fun, laughter, and mayhem as well as the main story.

Q7) Why should parents buy your books?


  1. There is so much death and destruction all around these days, as well as in books. All I can say is if I had a child looking for a good read, I would rather they read something like The Magic Within and Mirimuss The Forgetful Wizard, than anything that would give them nightmares.


Q8) When did you know writing was your passion?


  1. I have always enjoyed writing and did so mainly for myself, When I was away from home my mother always said she enjoyed getting my letters, it was like getting the next chapter in a book.

But since I have starting writing seriously, it’s like a drug really and I must write daily or I feel something is missing.


Q9) part of your sales for The Magic Within: Deception is going back to your local animal sanctuary and Cancer support – tell us more about that.


  1. I decided I wanted to do some good with any royalties I may receive. I chose MacMillan Cancer Support because they do such important work helping people who are battling this awful disease. My husband Richard’s best friend died in his early forties from cancer and his father also had it when he passed away. The MacMillan Cancer Support just can’t have enough funds to help in their good work as with a lot of charities. The animal sanctuary always need funds to help with vet bills, feed and everything else that is needed to keep these beautiful rescued animals fed, sheltered and healed from the trauma and injuries they have suffered in the past. Like my own pets, I see past the outer body and see the person inside. They have feelings and hurt the same as we do.


Q10) Any advice you have for reluctant readers or writers?

  1. A) I think if reluctant readers find a book on something they really have an interest in, say sport or a hobby, they will find they enjoy reading about their favourite topic, learn from it, and look for more. Maybe once started they will get hooked and try other books they like the look of. The same with writing, just sit down with a pad and paper and write anything that comes to mind. You’ll be surprised, I’m sure, at what ends up on the paper. I sit down to write and many a time what comes out is nothing like I intended in the first place. Exciting really!


Bravo and cheer’s to continued success, Lee and thanks to my readers for welcoming you to the site!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

Meet Author Kerryn Ponterart – Superhero of Another Kind!

I first met Kerryn through a Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Facebook group when she posted a very simple yet effectively inspiration picture of her three little ones and writing about her accomplishments. I immediately knew I wanted to ask her how she does it and share it with you, my lovely readers.

Thankfully she was able to find the time to answer a few questions for us which I invite you to enjoy:

1) The mother of three boys, plus a writer and illustrator – first things first – I am in awe! Any tips on how you balance being you while still being a mom?

Thank you! Being a mom is and always will be my first priority, if that was all I was doing, I would be just as happy. Over time I have learnt to work quickly, I make use of every half an hour I can find. If I need me time, I will use that time to eat chocolate and watch youtube, and if I feel inspired, I will get a bit of writing in. I feel I have a pretty good balance… it works for me anyway.

2) Was being an author always your dream or was that inspired by your family?

I always had this idea in the back of my mind that one day I would like to write a book for my kids. So one day when they were both napping, I began writing my first book. Initially it was just a little home made book with rough pen drawings. Soon after that, my friend said she had sent in her book submission to the publishers, so I decided to do the same. To my surprise, Penguin Random House decided to publish my book. I think my books work because they are inspired by my children and the things they can relate to.

3) What advice would you give to one of your sons if they wanted to follow in your footsteps?

As long as they know there isn’t much money in it and they aren’t going to bum off me forever- I’d say go for it 😉

4) If not a writer, illustrator or a busy mom, what would you love to do?

I would love to travel more with my husband. or be a full time artist.

5) As a woman who wears many hats metaphorically, do you like to wear actual hats?

I don’t even own a hat. My two year old however, is obsessed with wearing hats.

6) After a hectic day how do you unwind?

Haha everyday feels like a hectic day! My husband and I unwind together once the kids are in bed at 6pm. On very hectic days we collapse on the couch together, watching series. .

7) Your main character in your books is an owl – is that your favourite animal/ bird and why?

When I was a very young child my grandparents rescued a barn owl. I named it ‘owl’ and considered it one of my first pets. My grandparents always had a lot of respect for owls though, so I think that is where my love for owls comes from.

8) Anything else you’d like to tell new readers?

If I had to give one piece of advice it would be something my great gran once said to me “if you move your ass you can do anything.”

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