Some parents struggle with improving their children’s health but it’s easier than most of us think.

I, too, was a very selective eater but eating vegetables and fruits was always encouraged. Hot dogs were never on my menu but cereal and bed lunch was and, not that I’m older, wiser and with child myself, I realize how easy it is not to have these either.

My four year old never really heard of having a snack before bed until recently. If he was hungry before going to bed we’d feed him but his selection was limited – yogurt, a piece of fruit or nothing. He’d never go to bed hungry even though what he really wanted was some crackers or cereal and this made him appreciate healthy choices even more. It would also be the test to determine if he was really hungry or just trying to stay awake a few minutes more.

You buy the groceries for your house so what goes in the cart and on your shelves is up to you. When you’re making the list, ask your kids for suggestions and explain why you’ll add them or not. Give them the power to choose what’s for dinner or to pack in their lunch and you’ll notice they’ll be happy choosing items that you have in the house.

Be sure to always have different fruits and vegetables to try, not always their favourites.

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Sarah Butland