Beans are another odd food to think of as fruit but they are since they form from the fertilized flower and contain the seeds of the plant!

Many people still consider them to be a vegetable despite this but no matter what you consider them they provide 6 major health benefits for all to agree on.

They contain manganese which can help control mood swings and stomach pains.
Green beans contain an impressive list of antioxidants to reduce the risk of cancer.
To get ?about 19% of your daily vitamin K mix flat green or yellow beans into your salad!
Your heart beats for beans every day, keep it happy by reducing your bad cholesterol levels.
Don’t just drink milk for your bones, eat beans to make them strong.
They are filled with vitamin C to improve iron absorption.

Beans come in a lot of colours and sure do pack a punch so let me know what your favourite kind is or how you prefer to have them! Haven’t tried them yet? Let me know your thoughts when you do.

Admittedly I just tried them for the first time in chili recently, they were black beans and were actually pretty good!

Thanks for reading and trying something new,

Sarah Butland