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A is for Apricot

Let’s start a fun challenge and try new fruits for the next while. Let’s start at the top – A is for Apricot.

Ever try one? With over 50 types of apricots grown in the world, it grows on a tree around it’s large seed or pit. Starting as a flower ranging from 2–4.5 cm (0.8–1.8 in) in diameter, with five white to pinkish petals; apricots are produced alone or in pairs in early spring before the leaves.

Some sources say that the apricot was first cultivated in India in about 3000 BC!

Eat them fresh like an apple or dried like a big raisin, this fruit may be considered the world’s healthiest! They are known to help your eyes, are disease fighting and fibrous and more! Plus they are delicious.

Try one today and let me know your thought.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

Food Revolution and Pictou County, Nova Scotia

My name is Sarah Butland from New Glasgow and I volunteer for the Food Revolution. I give my spare time for free to further the mission of the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation. The Food Revolution has selected a number of volunteers from around the world who showed a deep commitment to real food and I’m thrilled to be one of them.

In the past, before my official title, I hosted Food Revolution Day events at a local Sobeys in New Brunswick. Sobeys was started in Stellarton, Nova Scotia and has consistently shown it’s support for the local little guy but now it’s tackling Food Revolution in a big way by partnering with Jamie Oliver directly!! See their press release for further details.

I also recently connected with the local creator of The Eating Game which helps kids make the right decisions and keep track of what is eaten.

Things are going in the right direction with respect to promoting farms versus processed in Pictou County, Nova Scotia who does everything in a big way and they do it right.

I can’t wait to get started and represent Food Revolution to Sobeys in as many ways possible.

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland