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Weezie, the Elephant with Allergies by Maranda Russell

Another children’s book by Maranda Russell which takes a wonderfully simple idea and makes it beautiful. Growing up in a foster home I saw what it was like for children of all ages to wait for the perfect fit, some much longer than others for no reason other than them being themselves.

Weezie, in this case, is the elephant in the room after everyone else has been adopted. He begins to blame himself, his uncontrollable sneezes from allergies, for not being acceptable to any visiting family and convinces himself that he’ll never find a home away from the orphanage.

The only line in this book I stumbled over was “For a moment his eyes filled with hope, but then he remembered the past and shook his head.” Elephants have incredible memories and so I pondered the significance of suddenly remembering the past that had upset him so. Once I got through that I was right back with Weezie, the Elephant with Allergies and rooting that he found a home. He did, of course, find a home and I think this book will easily find a home in your hearts.

I can’t wait for the print edition with more illustrations to be available! Right now you can read this as an ebook through Smashwords.

Thanks Maranda for letting me read this and for sharing with the world the theme of belonging.

And thank you for reading!
Sarah Butland



In Memory of Dad by Maranda Russell

In Memory of Dad is a short but sweet tale of love and loss in a beautiful way. Maranda unfortunately went through the loss of her dad at a very young age and finds relief in helping others know they are not alone in their loss.

This story is suitable for all ages and both boys and girls. Its main character, Kaley, suffers the dramatic loss of her father at a young age and her love for her father is expressed fondly through her love of basketball.

Easily and quickly read this story is for anyone who has lost a pet, family member or friend to moving or passing. It helps its readers realize that they are not alone in the loss of a great person and good can come of maintaining normalcy in your own life. Kaley’s, and Maranda’s fathers would be proud at the outcome.

A terrific buy at only $0.99 for the ebook!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland

The Lemonman : A Picnic, A Toad and Swampwater Road by Natasha Ferrill

`When I received this book I was eager to read it to my son as I was struck by the colourful characters, the charm of The Lemonman and the idea that another author is focusing on healthy protagonists. Although I loved reading this story out loud to my son, for it’s rhythm and rhymes, the story line and patterns were too much for an exhausted two year old boy.

A perfect read for school aged children and their parents, it’s sing song quality will reverberate for days to come. I am still so very eager to continue on the journey through Applenook by way of Cherry Bay Street with Lemonman, Professor Celery and Miss Strawberry.

The intrigue I have is mainly do to the challenging but brilliant use of poetic story-telling by emerging fellow Canadian author, Ferrill. I know I’ll be reading this book for years to come, often enough for my son to tell it back to me I’m sure.

The Lemonman : A Picnic, A Toad and Swampwater Road introduces the series main characters as well as a Toad, a traveling salesman who has less of an honest outlook. While he swindles Lemonman intentionally and cruelly, the loveable characters have an opportunity to get Toad back or help him.

As good children’s books go this is a great one as it teaches a lesson without preaching and instead creates a world any young reader would love to be a part of.

Visit The Lemonman’s website today to get your copy!

Thanks for reading,

Sarah Butland