Quirky Christmas is now available at an online store near you (aren’t they all) very soon but I had the honour of reading an advanced copy of this delightful tale perfect for a coming Christmas.

The characters are delightful as we meet the squirrel named Earl who goes by Quirky because of his unique appearance and many personal characteristics. Quirky is a nickname very suitable for this crazy creature who proves he’s not just quirky, he’s caring. We also meet his friends, Stubby and Art who are also kind of strange in their own ways but all equally wonderful. We also meet Reggie – the typical bully in the neighbourhood who refuses to share.

A very effective story written in a heart-warming way which teaches readers how to overcome obstacles and make friends despite first impressions.

The illustrations are drawn and simple but effective and eye-catching. Make sure Quirky Christmas is something your children unwrap soon so that you can treasure literacy, a good story and heart warming tale for years to come.

Thank you for reading,

Sarah Butland