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Sammy Visits the Library

July 12 at 1000 AM I will be hosting a reading of Sending You Sammy at the New Glasgow Library and would love for you all to come if you’re in town.   It’ll be lots of fun and even better with you there!

Others Are Part Of The Solution, Too!

Learning about the problem of the ever increasing statistics of childhood obesity was a vital part of why I started the Adventures Of Sammy children’s book series. It also had to do with the decreasing rate of literacy and the fact that all I saw was reports on both being a problem but never, or rarely, seeing something that others are doing to solve the problems. There are definitely people out there, in your community even, who are doing something and I want to make these solutions accessible to my fans.

The first, and very important, website I found talks about how the current issue of vending machines containing junk food and being everywhere. Schools, the workplace, even hospitals offer easily accessible chocolate bars, chips and pop and when people see these they tend to buy – hence there’s a market out there. But there are alternative solutions to this disaster as there are many solutions to each problem. YoNaturals Vending Machines offer healthy, organic alternatives to what the typical vending machine offers and they do so easily. Often times people do not have the exact change for something the see and want and YoNaturals has thought of these consumers and offers a cashless payment system for such circumstances. This is a much better alternative to junk food machines or no machines at all.

YoNaturals is helping to fight obesity in children and for that I applaud them. I invite everyone to start paying more attention to the solutions of childhood obesity and not the problem. If you’re a believer in the Law of Attraction you know that thinking of the negative only attracts more negative. YoNaturals is one of the companies thinking of the positive and helping your children.

I welcome all people or companies who are thinking positively of our children and who are part of the solution to send me an email and tell me all about it. Let’s protect our children from a problem that is preventable and talk about the solutions to do it.

Unlaunching the New Site now offers a great deal more than what you’ve previously seen. With Sending You Sammy available in eBook format available for download immediately, a place for me to blog and offer insight, a place for you to comment and share what you think; is a celebration of what this children’s book series will become.

Celebrate with me by visiting the site and keeping in touch with me. You never know what I’ll offer next.

Welcome to the New Website for Adventures of Sammy

This the very first post on the all new and now versatile version of Adventures Of Sammy – the children’s book series with lifelong lessons for children and their parents. This is where I’ll keep you posted on events, happenings, news features, etc so that you know the five w’s of the Adventures Of Sammy.

Without giving too much away I’ll let you know what’s next so make sure you keep in touch and send me any suggestions or comments you have.